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My Pandemic Story

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My Pandemic Story

During a time when many small businesses are closing and huge corporate entities are thriving, I dared to start up my own small business. FloetryShoppe, an Etsy store, is  “a whimsical shoppe where you'll find giftable treasures such as handmade pet clothing, self-care items, and household goods.” It’s in FloetryShoppe that I found my confidence again and discovered talents and passion that I never knew I had. For example, I love to sew. My mother taught me how and so it’s a skill that has immeasurable sentimental value. I went on a limb and spent $200 of my unemployment funds to buy a sewing machine. I went from sewing simple child masks to professional quality dog collared shirts. Unequivocally, the store had solved at least one of my issues, which was not feeling useful. All of a sudden my creative and business skills needed to come together, and just like that, I felt strong again.

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