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The Coffee Lover Gift Box
The Coffee Lover Gift Box

The Coffee Lover Gift Box

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This gift is for the environmentally conscious and coffee obsessed friend. 

1. Blue Boy Coffee, 5 Pack (in "tea bags" for steeping on the go!)

Notes of chocolate, graham, brown sugar. Varietal: 70% Guatemala ixlama, 30% Colombia Frontera de planadas. This coffee embodies certain classical energy that the painting itself imparts, with a down to earth, paint-by-number twist. The character of this coffee is smooth, chocolatey, sweet; its body is velvety soft. It’s a coffee that will stand the test of time, a testament to the origins present in its makeup. Blue boy does right by these origins, displaying the coffees at their best; he does right by us, representing humble sophistication with panache; and he does right by his namesake, keeping his arcadian gentility alive.
Made in United States of America

2. Porter Terrazzo Mug

Terrazzo is an iconic composite material originally developed in Venice, Italy. Traditionally made from a binder material of concrete–filled with bits of colorful stone, we crafted our limited edition Terrazzo collection from 100% food–safe silicone.
Made in China